Monday, October 13, 2008

Walker Circulation

Walker Circulation is the closed circulation cells in the zonal-vertical plane with pronounced vertical upward and downward motion and favorable zonal motions at lower and upper troposphere in opposite directions.

South east Asian monsoon walker Circulation has its ascending limb over Eastern India, Bangladesh, and Burma while its descending limb lies over Pakistan and adjoining desert region

Equatorial Pacific Walker Circulation has its ascending limb over west equatorial Pacific near Indonesia and descending limb over central and east pacific dry zone.

Dr T. N. Krishnamurti (in1979) studied about walker circulation on the basis of 3 month average 200mb flow pattern

Upper tropospheric divergence outflow

Northern summer

1. Asian summer monso0on region
2. Pacific coast of south Mexico

Southern Summer

1. Central Africa
2. Indonesia
3. North west part of south America

Sinking Regions

Northern summer

1. Mid-Pacific Trough
2. Mid-Atlantic Trough
3. North africa

Southern Summer

1. Mid-Pacific Trade Belt
2. Mid-Atlantic Trade Belt

Page 11.17,Chapter 11, Volume 3 , Tropical Meteorology by G. C. Asnani

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