Monday, January 12, 2009

Project topic

Topic:Intra seasonal variability of Northeast Monsoon and various physical parameters ditermining it.

Work Plan
1.Collecting daily dataof rainfall, SST, SLP, wind, etc.

2.Time series analysis of spacial average of precipitation over southern peninsular India. (Between 8N and 15N latitude, and between 74E and 80E longitude)

3. Determine the periodicity of intra-seasonal variability of rainfall during Northeast monsoon.

4. Cross examining and correlating the northeast monsoon rainfall variabilities with the parameters such as Indian ocean Sea surface temperature, Sea level pressure, wind speed, wind direction, cloud cover, over the tropical Indian Ocean and Southern peninsular India.

5. Identify if there is any other parameters which have its influence on the northeast monsoon precipitation.

6. The relationship of the periodicity of intra-seasonal variability of Northeast monsoon with various phenomenas such as

*Indian Ocean dipole
*Equatorial Indian Ocean Oscillation
*Global circulation pattern
*El-Nino Southern Oscillation
*Quasi Biennial Oscillation
*Madden Julian Oscillation
etc if time and resources are available.

7. The proposed study shall lead to a better understanding of Intra-seasonal variability Northeast monsoon and its dependence on various parameters and Global Meteorological Phenomenas


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